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Simplicity is

the ultimate sophistication

Relais Webcasting delivers the interactive digitalisation

Since 6 years, Relais webcasting is the only european company specialize in webcast services and webcast assistance.

Prepare your presentation and our webcast’s engineers will do the rest. We automate synchronization of media (video and powerpoint) for live broadcast and we deliver your webcast in video on demand within 24 hours after your event.

Our webcast player is the best digital interface to give a second digital life to your events

We focus on your support, you focus on the message you transmit.

"Relais webcasting was born on the finding that all broadcasting companies do not provide you the real benefits and fast qualified services that technologies offer"

Simple price list and timeliness

One day of conference delivered and hosted for VOD within 24 hours.
We record your conference and the day after we deliver you the webpage with the full webcast cut by presenters and the same conference’s program.

Replace a slide by another.

Often we found that you may need to replace a slide, as you discover a mistake or an error.
With Relais Webcasting, simply send us the new slide and we will replace it in minutes on the online webcast.

Webcast Warranty

Relaiswebcasting technologies used by Relais are deemed proven and industrial.
More than 2000 presentations stored for 6 years in Paris without a single problem, hundreds of thousands of presentations are available worldwide.


Add a first name, last name, speaker picture, his mission, his biography as soon as you deliver us the right information.

"No webcast firms are only able to provide such services without charge and accessible few hours after your request!"

Cut & more, online edition

On a part you want to make confidential or change content.
Our team edit for you online and you validate publishing.

Add a visual identity

Delivers us your visual identity and we build your digitizing.banner, logo and advertising
We support a REST application for video and rich-media intégration.

Add content

Add attachements to webcast like pdf, url, power points …etc.

Webcasts are quickly available and you share immediately

We deliver you a webcast archive in zip file with all your graphical identity in order to host it directly on your web server without any change on your IT rules.

The company webcasting Relais was founded in 2010 by Pascal Jarczak for complete broadcast solution online events, video-conferences or any kind of digital communications. Simply prepare your presentations and our Webcast’s engineering team will do the rest.We synchronize your video and graphics content (like PowerPoint) for live broadcasting and to deliver your webcasts in VOD within 24 hours to give a second digital life to your events.